Success stories

Disclaimer Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.
Stephen’s story

Stephen lost 4st 6lb in 12 weeks

Waist before: 42    Waist after: 33

“I read about Alevere and I thought it sounded too good to be true, to be honest. But it turned out it was true. I liked the routine of the diet and the big weekly weight loss was a great motivation, I became very focused. The diet has totally changed my life. I am back playing rugby, I have no trouble getting round the golf course, I sleep better, and I look much younger.*”


Peter’s Story

Peter lost 4st in 11 weeks

Waist size before: 42    Waist size after: 34

“12 months on and with everything taught from Alevere I have been able to completely turn my life around. My confidence is boosted massively, no longer am I afraid to wear tight fitting tops and now love going clothes shopping. Bags more energy and feeling more youthful than I ever have.
Always feeling welcomed at the clinic it was an enjoyable event going each week and was relaxing, as well as reassuring to know you had a well educated support network there for you. I never imagined I would achieve the results I have and its all with thanks to Alevere.*”


Sharon’s Story

Sharon lost 3st in 16 weeks

Size before: 18    Size after: 14

“A friend of mine had lost weight with Alevere and what really appealed to me was how quick it was. I’ve tried other diets but they were too slow for me, so I contacted the clinic. Now I feel better in every way. I am more confident, I can wear nice clothes and, very important, I am in a lot less pain.*”


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