Success stories

Disclaimer Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.
Joane’s Story

Joane lost 4st in 18 weeks

Weight before: 17st 10lb    Weight after: 13st 10lb

“Although I found the first couple of weeks hard, tiring and I craved to eat food, I soon settled into a routine and began to feel energised and glad that I didn’t have to think about what food I could eat. I developed a routine that was right for me, including making a soup with the free vegetables which I had if ever I felt peckish and also saving a meal for supper as I found the evenings to be my hungriest time.

Friends and family have been amazed at how much will power I have had especially over the Christmas period and whilst on holiday. I have to say that I did look on enviously at the chocolate, mince pies and wine, but then looked at myself and how much weight I’d lost in a relatively short space of time, and thought “Nothing is worth spoiling this”. This diet can be done wherever you are, at home, at work or on holiday. It just takes determination and organisation!

I would honestly recommend this diet to anyone. I’ve tried every diet in the book and this is the only one that has worked for me without having to do drastic exercise.*”


Linda’s Story

Linda lost 3st 2lb in 17 weeks

Weight before: 15st 7lb    Weight after: 12st 5lb

“When I was big I would wear the same old clothes all the time, dark things that made me disappear. I wasn’t interested in my appearance and I didn’t have much confidence.

Now I am back in the nice clothes I had grown too big to wear, and that is a big boost to my self confidence.I am feeling optimistic about the future, and losing weight was a big part of that.*”


Alison’s Story

Alsion lost 1st 3lb in 4 weeks

Weight before: 11st 9lb    Weight after: 10st 6lb

“My experience of the Alevere program has been great!  The plan is easy to follow with lots of options, I never felt hungry and enjoyed the quick and good results.  It has definitely helped me to feel healthy again and happy with my shape.*”


Manny’s Story

Manny lost 4st 6lb in 13 weeks

Weight before: 17st 2lb    Weight after: 12st 10lb

“I decided to do the diet when I struggled to lose the weight myself. The plan is so easy to follow and the treatments are amazing. I lost the weight quickly and that kept me motivated. Now I have reached my ideal weight I have bags more energy and everyone tell me how much younger I look. I cant believe how much happier and confident I am. Thank you Alevere for all your support helping me to achieve that.*”



Dawn’s Story

Dawn lost 5st 1lb in 20 weeks

Weight before: 16st 3lb    Weight after: 11st 2lb

“5 months ago I entered the Alevere clinic feeling the worst I ever have.  After only a few weeks on the plan I felt healthier and the weight started to fall off.  My sugar cravings went away and I had so much more energy than before.  Seeing the weight come off gave me encouragement to keep going.  I now feel that I know how to eat properly, the plan has taught me to think about what I am putting into my body.  I found the plan very easy to stick to, not like other diets where you know you can have cheat days, the Alevere plan 100% works if you stick at it and do not cheat, I found this very easy.  I truly cannot believe the transformation in myself and not just physically but emotionally too.  I feel great, the best I have ever felt, my family can see the difference in me, I now love to shop for clothes, I am so happy with myself and am truly grateful to the team for helping and encouraging me these 5 past months.  I feel my life has changed forever. Thank you Alevere.*”


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