Success stories

Disclaimer Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.
Susan’s Story

Susan lost 7st 5lb in 37 weeks

I’ve struggled with my weight for many of years. I had to have a hip replacement, and after that my knees started hurting, and I thought come on Susan, take your self in hand to do something about this. I heard the advertisements for Alevere on the radio, and also followed the bus advertisements into work. I was considering a gastric band, but being a wimp I decided on Alevere. From the first day I saw the doctor, to then meeting all the therapists, everyone has been lovely and made me feel so comfortable. The diet has been great, I have felt so well whilst I have been on it, and here I am today, 7st stone lighter!, and I couldn’t be more delighted. Now I’m full of confidence and life, Alevere has transformed my life!*”



Andrew’s Story

Andrew lost 10st in 24 weeks

“On Week 1, I lost 26 lbs. I was amazed. I looked different and felt different from that point. Week followed week and each week I lost more weight. I kept remembering that all I had to do is take each day on its own and follow the plan that had been laid out.

That is not to say that it was easy and pain free.  Moving into ketosis in the first 2 days are not ones that I would like to live through again.  However, by dawn on the third day, with my body adjusted, it all fell into place. I did not have periods of unbearable hunger, and I began not to miss luxury foods.

I hit my initial 5 stone weight loss 16 weeks ahead of schedule, and having discussed the future with Alevere staff I made the decision to carry on with the diet and see how far I could go with it. So, I took a deep breath and set my sights on a new goal of 10 stone. 24 weeks after starting the diet, that goal has been reached and surpassed.  In fact, to date my weight continues to decrease.*”


Manuel’s Story

Manuel lost 4st 5lb in 12 weeks

Weight before: 115kg    Weight after: 85kg

“My wife and I decided to embark on the Alevere journey together and I must say that we have enjoyed every bit of it, as this meant that we could support each other during the good and bad times, most importantly, it brought us very close to each other as a couple and share a light hearted laugh about our experiences.

We found the team extremely professional, friendly and helpful in achieving our goals, they kept us focused in reaching our targets, we became like a family, sharing our good and bad moments.

Both Christine and I found the Alevere Program very easy to follow due to its comprehensive structure and clear instructions, the range and variety of foods is extensive and we used our imagination to cook certain foods in different ways, we particularly enjoyed the vanilla dessert and chocolate bars.*”


Erica’s Story

Erica lost 3st 7lb in 16 weeks

Size before: 14-16    Size after: 10-12

“That’ll never happen for me ……. it’s the type of thing that only happens to other people”, the Alevere advert had me believing I could wear shorts on holiday in a few months ….. and I did and I felt fantastic.*”


Ian’s Story

Ian lost 6st in 23 weeks

Weight before: 23st    Weight after: 17st 

“I made the decision to get fit for my retirement and wanted to lose at least six stones. I found the diet and treatments at first very challenging as the regime is strict but when I started to see the pretty amazing weight loss it made me even more determined to continue. Over the months I have found that my outlook to food and alcohol has changed dramatically, I now know how much I overate and drank in my previous life! Never again; as now I like the way I feel, my health has improved dramatically and it is so nice to hear from friends and associates telling me how good I look! Thank you Alevere for changing my life for the better, my Doctor says I have very likely added 20 years to my life!*”


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