Functional Tests

Body Composition

Body composition is far more important than weight.  Looking at weight alone does not give you the full picture as you can’t see how the body is made up.

See the video below to understand the importance of how your body is made up and then let’s book you in for a consultation so you can discover first hand how your body composition will effect you going forwards.


So understanding your body composition is important if you are wishing or trying to lose fat, no matter what programme you are on. It’s also really important for those of us trying to get fitter as we need to ensure we have a good level of muscle to progress our performance and ensure we stay hydrated for recovery*.


So if you are on Weight Watchers, Slimming World, or the Cambridge Diet for example, it’s important to check you are not losing water or muscle instead of fat otherwise you will simply put the weight back on more easily.


If training for an event, competition or just your health, monitor your Body Composition on a regular basis to ensure your body composition is suited to your end goal. Make sure the muscle mass is the right level or is building, to ensure the long term benefits of your training*.


Body Composition Analysis

Understanding your body composition is key to assessing your wellbeing. Scales or BMI (Body Mass Index) calculations do not differentiate between fat and muscle mass and can therefore be an inaccurate measure. If we go on a nutrition programme to lose or gain weight, or plan a fitness programme, how do we measure progress and how do we know if we are losing or adding FAT, MUSCLE or retaining WATER?


The answer lies in knowing our body composition so we know how much fat, muscle and water we are made up of and how that changes – and more importantly what needs to change – to increase our health and Resting Metabolic Rate so that we can burn more calories consistently for the rest of our lives.


At Alevere Northampton, we have a Medically approved InBody Analyser, which can give a breakdown of bone,fat, lean muscle and water. When you step on the scales, how do you know whether any loss or gain in weight is a result of changes in fat or muscle?

How do you know the changes in your body composition that result from a fitness programme? The answer to both of these questions is that you don’t know what is changing unless you measure it.


The InBody Analyser can measure this in seconds and provide a sophisticated report that shows bone mass, body fat mass, lean muscle mass, total body water, calorie requirement, BMR/body weight, body mass, metabolic rates as well as normal values for your height based on the World Health Organisation*.


Test results can be stored so that multiple tests taken over time show an accurate tracking of changes in body fat and lean body mass, trend graphs, cardiac risk analysis and a weight loss report.


This can also act as a motivator for you on your weight-loss journey because it can help set achievable goals and then measure your progress towards that target, equipping you with an understanding of what effect your actions are having on your body*.


The InBody Analyser uses bio-electrical impedance (BIA) to accurately measure the quantity of fat, lean muscle and water you have in your body. The test works by applying two electrodes to the hand and the foot. A small electrical frequency is passed through the body.  Measurements of the resistance and reactance to the flow of the current are made. This is the most accurate analyser on the market and is used in many hospitals around the world.


The test is quick and non-invasive.

An appointment takes just 15 minutes and costs £35.


Metabolic Rate Testing

Many of us use apps and activity trackers which tell us an estimate of how many calories we are burning and we’re using these to guide us on our journeys to lose, gain or maintain weight and fitness levels, but these are averages that will in many cases grossly over or under estimate the true figure – after all, everyone is different. Most of us typically overestimate how many calories we are burning each day.


Knowing your Resting Metabolic Rate is therefore VITAL if you are going to succeed in your weight loss journey.


At Alevere Northampton, we use a MedGem, which is an FDA 510K-cleared Class II medical device that accurately measures oxygen consumption to determine Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). Your RMR is the amount of calories (energy) your body uses each day without activity*.


The RMR is reduced considerably in most people who yo-yo diet or who exercise infrequently. Knowing your RMR is essential for you to calculate how much energy you need to consume to lose, gain or maintain a healthy weight and it is also important information for planning exercise and fitness levels.


We use the MedGem to measure the metabolic rate of our clients that go onto the Alevere weight loss programme and then at the end of the programme so they are equipped with the knowledge of what their bodies will burn each day and that then helps them maintain their weight.


It’s a tried and tested device and was featured on The Biggest Loser television show to monitor the metabolism of the participants during the programme.


So if you wish to lose weight – it’s important that you take this essential test. An appointment takes just 15 minutes and costs £35. 

All you will need to do is relax and breathe into the MedGem. Afterwards, we will explain the result and provide you with your Resting Metabolic Rate and what to do next.


PLEASE NOTE: This test is included in the Alevere Therapy Consultation.

Disclaimer Results and patient experience may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors such as age, medical history and lifestyle.