Alevere Therapy

If you’ve been looking for a proven and effective way to lose weight that won’t leave you feeling hungry or tired, then Alevere Therapy is what you’ve been looking for*. The principles of Alevere have been developed by doctors with specific attention to optimising the body’s chemistry for rapid, safe, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat whilst maintaining the body’s muscle tissue and preventing suppression of the body’s metabolic rate.

The Alevere Therapy Weight Loss Program provides:

  • Safe and effective weight loss*
  • Medically supervised throughout the programme by our doctor as you lose weight
  • Relatively pain free non-surgical medical ultrasound and skin tightening to help you achieve the figure you want*
  • A menu of different savoury meals, desserts, snacks and drinks
  • Ongoing support for a year after the programme to ensure the weight stays off



5 Alevere Steps to Lose Weight

Doctors Consultation and Measurements

The Alevere program is very strictly medically supervised. In your initial doctor consultation the doctor will discuss your weight loss goals. Essential measurements will be taken to identify the speed of your weight loss as everyone is slightly different.

With further monthly doctor reviews, blood checks, and our highly trained therapists checking your blood pressure and taking other medical observations on a weekly basis, you can be confident you are in safe hands throughout your treatment.

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The Nutrition

This is not a bar and shake programme. Our menu of over 34 foods includes smokey bacon omlette, pasta, pizza, soups, pancakes and lots of dessert dishes, as well as hot and cold drinks and snacks.

We also want you to eat a special selection of vegatables, fruit and salad, which can be eaten separately or cooked with or incorporated into the Alevere food.

The nutrition consists of high quality grade protein uniquely formulated to carefully keep the production of peptide hormones fully suppressed to baseline levels (since any rise in  production immediately inhibits the breakdown of body fat) and to stabilise the blood glucose at constant and normal levels at all times throughout the weight loss.

No matter what your lifestyle, the Alevere Nutrition programme will enable you to achieve your weight loss goals.

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Alevere Ultrasound Treatment

Many patients have areas of the body where fat is stored and is hard to move. Hips, thighs, buttocks and abdominal regions are classic examples.

Dieting or exercise will not spot reduce – no matter what anyone says – and so other procedures are required to help remove the stored body fat and lose weight in these areas.

At Alevere, we use the latest medical ultrasound treatment to breakdown the body fat under the skin in these areas. The treatment is non-invasive, gentle and means you can go back to your everyday life straight after the treatment.

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Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

When people lose weight they are often left with the visible signs of excess skin, or poor skin tone that spoils their otherwise slim figure. Cellulite, flabby stomachs, muffin tops, saddle bags, love-handles are all common issues that many patients complain about.

As part of the Alevere Therapy we use Endermologie Lipo Massage treatment, which has been scientifically proven in over 100 scientific studies, to encourage collagen and elastin production.

It is designed to recondition deep beneath several skin layers to restore soft tissue helping the skin tighten. It is a total body treatment that will help you achieve something no lifestyle change can.

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Alevere Aftercare & Maintenance

Arguably, the most important phase of the Alevere Therapy, is ongoing 
stabilisation and maintenance. On reaching your target weight, 
we will stabilise your body at its new level.

Repeating the Metabolic Rate Test lets you know your daily required calorie intake level so you can sustain your new weight long-term.

To assist you further, each month for a year after your successful weight reduction, you can visit us FREE of charge for a 15 minute consultation, where we can weigh you and monitor that the weight is staying off, whilst also giving you advice and support along the way.

Doctor Consultation
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